About Us

QinetiQ Inc. is a mission-led engineering company providing critical capabilities in support of our Defense and Security forces in the U.S. and abroad. Our mission-led approach to innovation ensures we get the best capabilities rapidly into the hands of our customers.  We deliver multi-domain solutions that enable our customers to overcome the next generation of threats, increase force projection and reduce cognitive burden. Together, these play a growing and significant role supporting missions by protecting our customers’ critical assets and the lives of our Warfighters.

The QinetiQ US business is integrated under a Special Security Agreement (SSA). This allows for greater collaboration with the international QinetiQ Group, leveraging their investments and expertise to advance technology and solutions faster for our customers.

What’s in a name? Why QinetiQ?

The name ‘QinetiQ’ results from extensive analysis of all of our capabilities and strengths. It is derived from the scientific term, kinetic, which means relating to or caused by motion. This in turn comes from the Greek kinetikos based on ‘kineo’, which means ‘to move’, with connotations towards energetic, enterprising and dynamic. ‘QinetiQ’ was seen as particularly distinctive and reflects our spirit of innovation and creativity, but also energy, motion and progress.

 *Note: pronounced ki-net-ic