Partnership with Bhukhanvala Industries to Market Products in India – Media Announcement

May 2, 2017 – QinetiQ North America (QNA) has expanded its agreement with Bhukhanvala Industries to include the EARS® gunshot localization product line in the Indian Market. EARS alerts the user instantly to the source of incoming fire, providing the situational awareness necessary to respond instantly and accurately. The following EARS products will be introduced in India:

  • EARS SWATS® Shoulder-worn Acoustic Targeting System – SWATS provides the individual operator the situational awareness necessary to respond instantly and accurately to small arms attacks. Using the EARS sensor mounted on the shoulder, SWATS provides a hands-free alert to the origin of incoming fire. By rapidly detecting and locating hostile shooters, SWATS allows soldiers to take cover or respond to threats – enhancing survivability in ambush situations.
  • EARS FSS Fixed Site System – The FSS adapts the EARS sensor for stationary perimeter-protection applications. The FSS kit includes a tripod, tripod mount adaptor and a global AC/DC power adaptor. EARS FSS provides enhanced capability for perimeter monitoring and early
    detection and response against attacks on camps, both large and small.
  • EARS VMS Vehicle Mounted System – The VMS kit alerts vehicle crews to incoming fire. The VMS includes a ruggedized tablet display, mounting hardware, and cabling for installation on a variety of vehicle platforms. EARS VMS provides enhanced capability for vehicle convoys to respond to ambush situations.

QNA has sold more than 19,500 EARS gunshot localization systems to military and police forces of 11 different nations. The system, has been used in combat theatres since 2007.

With this expansion, Bhukhanvala now offers a comprehensive line of QinetiQ North America Survivability products in India for protecting facilities, personnel, ground vehicles, and aircraft. The product offerings now include EARS® gunshot localization systems, LAST
Armor® lightweight appliqué armor, Q-NET® RPG protection system, and BlastRide blast mitigating seat.

“We are extremely pleased to announce that Bhukhanvala is promoting QNA’s EARS gunshot localization products into the Indian market. With the support of Bhukhanvala, QNA now has the opportunity to offer the Indian forces the best service and protection on the market,” said Scott Shaw, EARS Product Line Manager at QinetiQ North America

Niraj P. Bhukhanwala, Managing Director of Bhukhanvala Industries stated, “We are very excited to add the EARS gunshot localization system to our existing range of QinetiQ North America’s advanced protection and survivability products and technology offered to the Indian market. EARS brings best in class and combat-tested gunshot localization technology to the Indian security forces, and is particularly relevant to the threat scenario that the Indian forces are dealing with currently.”

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