QinetiQ North America (QNA) shapes the future with innovative products, advanced engineering and research and development for the military, defense, security, law enforcement and commercial customers worldwide. We pride ourselves on developing, delivering and supporting a portfolio of industry-leading products that have been used and tested for decades.  Together, our products aid in situational awareness, protect customer assets, increase mission effectiveness, reduce operational costs and save lives.

Our product and technology expertise are in the following markets:

TALON in Iraq
Unmanned Systems
We are the world leader in unmanned systems offering robots in a variety of sizes and capabilities that protect and assist with critical missions.
SWATS Gunshot Detection
Soldier and Vehicle Protection
From unique add-on armor and netting to gunshot detection, our survivability protection products not only protect assets, they save lives.

Maritime Systems
Our maritime solutions include control systems for the most modern warships in the world including cutting-edge solutions for communications and surveillance and robotics.
Meteorological Sensors - precision airdrop
Meteorological Sensors
We offer cutting edge meteorological sensors and solutions that  deliver accurate and actionable information to assist with planning and forecasting in many different environments.

Utility Monitoring Sensors Our LineWatch low/medium voltage sensors and monitoring devices provide utility companies with the situational awareness to address a number of smart grid applications.