Steam Generator Maintenance

CECIL (Consolidated Edison Combined Inspection and Lancing) is a robotic steam generator maintenance system developed for secondary side maintenance. CECIL activities are controlled from a remote control station and monitored with video cameras, typically situated in a low radiation area on the operating level.  Real-time graphics show the robot and lance positions in the generator at all times and images are stored for future reference.

CECIL performs superior cleaning with its ability to access the entire in-bundle area of the tubesheet.  In addition, CECIL, reduces maintenance costs and increases efficiencies and personal safety.

CECIL systems are currently in service throughout the United States, in Japan, and in France.

  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Extends steam generator lift
  • Limits forced outages
  • Increases personnel safety
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves inspection capabilities
  • Reduces radiation exposure
  • Removes sludge without damaging tubes
  • Identifies and removes foreign objects
  • CECIL technology is licensed for use in Japan by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, France and other selected European countries by SRA/Electricite deFrance
  • The CECIL robot is designed to inspect and clean Westinghouse Model 44, Model 51 steam generators, Mitsubishi models 44 and 51, Framatome 900MWeCPO and 1300MWe steam generators and CANDU steam generators
  • Cleaning capabilities for the new Korean APR 1400 steam generators