Communications and Surveillance

QNA’s Maritime Systems provides transformational Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR) technology that can be applied to both acoustic underwater signals and RF/Radar signals.  This patented technology enables acoustic and RF signals to be full duplex using a single frequency.  Our DOLPHIN Sonar and Comms technology support the DoD and commercial market place by enabling more efficient, effective, reliable, clandestine, sonars and communications on any underwater platform (UUV, Submarine, etc).  WE are also applying the same patented technology to deliver EAGLE EYE Radar technology, which includes RF/Radar systems that offer the same types of benefits.

Dolphin Sonar
Collaborative sonar
Dolphin Comms
Full-duplex underwater acoustic communications
Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR) Radar and Comms