Dolphin Comms

Full-duplex, underwater acoustic communications system

DOLPHIN Comms is a full duplex, underwater acoustic communications system that increases the success of maritime missions. This technology makes it possible to create complex undersea data and communication wireless networks, solving many challenges for Navy and commercial customers.

The DOLPHIN Comms technology cancels the direct blasts of the transmitted signal at the receiver allowing the transmitter and receiver to be operating simultaneously and continuously. Offering a wide range of new features and capabilities, DOLPHIN Comms enables any size team of vehicles (unmanned underwater, unmanned surface, submarine and ship) to network anywhere in both deep and littoral water.

  • Self-forming networked acoustic underwater comms
  • Multi-system control network for fixed and mobile assets anywhere underwater
  • Higher data throughput (effective bit rate)
  • Reliable underwater acoustic networks
  • Can be clandestine (LPI/LPD)
  • Low power/reduces SWAP
  • True full duplex on one frequency

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