Dolphin Sonar

Collaborative Sonar

DOLPHIN Sonar is a new technology that provides maritime sonar capabilities never before possible. This transformational technology allows collocated transmit and receive transducers to operate simultaneously. DOLPHIN Sonar’s full duplex sonar sends and receives a continuous active sonar (CAS) signal from any platform, without the need for a towed array.

DOLPHIN Sonar enables all the benefits of CAS on any vehicle type. Swarms of vehicles can communicate using the same DOLPHIN Sonar frequency, simultaneously, collaboratively, without any conflicts or disruptions. All of the DOLPHIN Sonar signals can be used by other vehicles in the network providing a multi-static capability.

  • Sidescan and SAS cover the Nadir gap
  • Collaborative/Networked Sonars
  • 100% duty cycle (constant energy on target)
  • Full duplex: adaptive pulse compression
  • Bi-static/multi-static capability
  • Low power/reduced SWAP
  • Spread spectrum
  • Source and receiver collocated

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