Eagle Eye

Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR) Radar and Comms

QinetiQ North America’s new EAGLE Eye technology is a signal cancellation technology that allows for simultaneous transmit and receive (STAR), radar communications on a single frequency.  Eagle Eye provides continuous, inter-operable and cooperative radar without range limitations.  This transformational technology offers the Military improved detection over existing radars.  It is designed to be used on land, air and sea vehicles.

EAGLE Eye allows tracking of multiple small and fast incoming targets – detecting signals in less than one second.  Mounted to the top of the vehicle, its interoperable continuous radar is resistant to congestion and has no range limitations. EAGLE Eye’s full duplex cognitive radios feature 2x improved network throughput.

  • Small profile/low power requirement
  • Fast detection (< 1 sec)
  • Full duplex cognitive radios
  • Improved range/doppler accuracy
  • Continuous radar - no range limitation
  • Clandestine (LPI/LPD)
  • Proven and reliable
  • Transmitter and receiver collocated
  • Reduces congestion

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