PADS Self-Contained Kit

Calculates wind for precise airdrop release

QinetiQ North America’s PADS, Precision Airdrop System, self-contained kit, calculates wind data used in planning important missions such as free fall parachute navigation and guided airdrop delivery. The data generated is used for defense, foreign aid and military and non-military aircraft (fixed and rotary wing).

The PADS Self-Contained Kit consists of a UHF Dropsonde Receive System, GPS Retransmission System, internal power supply and all of the ancillary hardware to operate on any type of aircraft.  The Kit operates completely independent of aircraft systems (including power) and is housed in a waterproof and shock resistant case that is easily transported.


  • Situational awareness for freefall parachutist navigation systems off any aircraft type
  • Positional awareness for Joint Precision Air Drop System (JPADS) guided airdrop loads
  • Use by rapid mobility forces
  • Assits with guided or ballistic airdrop missions
  • Portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Mission planning user interface
  • Housed in a rugged, easily transportable container
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Kit Dimensions: 24”/60 cm x 20”/50 cm x 12”/ 30 cm (L x W x H)
  • Internal Power System Battery type: BA-5590/U (4 each)
  • Operating Voltage: 24 to 28 Volts DC
  • Operating Life: 8 continuous hours
  • Operating Indicators NVG compliant LEDs
  • Voltage Monitoring Real time with meter & LED
  • UHF Dropsonde Receiver system
  • Operating Frequency: 400.5 to 405.5 MHz
  • UHF Antenna System: 6 quick sections and precision UHF antenna
  • Communications Path: CAT5 Ethernet cable
  • GPS Retransmission System operating Frequency: GPS L1 Band L2 optional
  • Receive Antenna Window mount Rx antenna with cabling
  • RTS Antenna: 2 adjustable Tx antennas with cabling
  • Options: No identifiable markings for special applications
  • Mission planning laptop with or without software

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