Gunshot Detection System

The EARS VMS (Vehicle Mounted System) kit uses a single EARS sensor for vehicle-mounted applications. By detecting gunshots in less than 1/4 second, EARS VMS increases survivability by providing users with situational awareness on the enemy shooter’s location.

The VMS includes a rugged mount, cabling and a power interface box for installation on a variety of vehicle platforms. EARS VMS includes a durable display unit and mounting bracket, as well as an audio output for connection to an in-vehicle loudspeaker or intercom system.  The system is easily installed without modifications to the vehicle platform.

More than 19,000 EARS systems have been sold to 11 different nations and used in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2008.

  • Protects soldiers and increases survivability
  • Locates hostile shooter in < 1 second
  • Lightweight
  • Low profile
  • Quick and easy installation without modifications
  • Low power requirements
  • Visual and audio alerts
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Field and combat proven

Physical Dimensions:

  • Weight: 9.634201 / 4.37 Kg
  • Size: 7.9″ / 20,000 cc

Detection performance:

  • 95% detection rate
  • +/- 7.5 degrees bearing accuracy
  • 10% of range accuracy
  • > 700m detection range

Power requirements:

  • 3.4 W
  • 12-30 VDC

Environmental MIL-STD-810F

  • Sensor compliant with 17 810F tests
  • Display is 810F compliant


  • Sensor compliant with (5) 461E tests and CE
  • Display 461 and CE compliant


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