Rotary Wing Armor

Protective, Add-On Armor for Rotary Wing Aircraft

For over 20 years, QinetiQ North America has been the largest global provider of add-on aircraft armor. LAST Armor® (Light-appliqué Armor Systems Technology) is a protective, lightweight armor solution that provides high performance ballistic protection for fixed wing transport and rotary wing platforms.

Proven Capabilities:
Since its debut in Opertation Desert Storm in 1991, LAST Armor has protected thousands of combat air and land vehicles. Today it is installed in over 40 different aircraft and in 16 allied counrties around the world.  LAST Armor is used by the armed forces, U.S. Military, foreign allies, commercial OEMs, and law enforcement agencies.

  • Lighweight
  • Proven protection
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Modular configfurations
  • Scalable to meet new threats
  • Configured designs based on platform-specific requirements
  • Qualified armor solutions up to NIJ Level III threats

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