Robotic Bobcat

Minotaur is a robotic Bobcat designed specifically for the U.S. Army to provide a safe standoff to support a wide variety of military tactical missions such as IED defeat, route and path clearance and delivery and transport. Using QinetiQ’s RAK system (Robotic Applique Kit) Minotaur is transformed into a high-performance robotic vehicle.  Operable in both manned and unmanned modes, the Minotaur is equipped with numerous features including such as GPS navigation, day and thermal cameras, remote start, safety alerts and emergency manual shut off.

  • Provides situational awarness
  • Keeps military personnel out of harm's way
  • Supports route clearance and delivery
  • Identifies and defeats IEDs
  • Operation modes:  Unmanned and manned
  • RF Range: over 800 Line-of-Sight with controller
  • Safety: Dedicated instant safety stop function
  • Installation time: less than 15 minutes
  • Cameras: Day and night
  • Communications: Two-way audio
  • Endurance: + 24 hours of continuous operation
  • Speed: up to 5.2 mph (8.4 km/hr)
  • Operating height with kit: 98 inches (2,489.2 millimeters)
  • Operating width: 47.2 inches (1,1999 millimeters)

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