Next Generation Interoperable Robotic Appliqué Kit

As the third generation Robotic Appliqué Kit, RAK3 transforms conventional vehicles into unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) with both temporary and permanent installations. Providing optionally manned UGV functionality, the RAK3 leverages over 10 years of fielded appliqué kit experience to support  first responders and military personnel while keeping them out of harm’s way.

In August 2018, and in partnership with TORC Robotics and Critical Solutions International, QNA was selected by the U.S. DoD for the U.S. Army Route Clearance and Interrogation Systems (RCIS) Type 1 robotics program.  The RCIS program will provide Army Combat Engineers with expanded capabilities for the High Mobility Engineering Excavator (HMEE) by converting the HMEE to an optionally-manned, semi-autonomous, robotic platform (R-HMEE) incorporating the third generation of RAK – RAK3.  The RCIS Type I program is the first US Army unmanned ground vehicle program of record to leverage applique kit technology and autonomous control.

  • Interoperability Profile (IOP) compliant
  • Optionally-manned functionality
  • Temporary or permanent installation
  • Open system architecture
  • Supports wide range of platforms
  • Universal cross-compatible hardware

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