Over 10 years of proven technology for IED, EOD, CBRNE, Hazmat and rescue missions.

In military, law enforcement and first responder TALON HazMat Operationapplications, TALON’s are widely deployed for improvised explosive device (IED) and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), reconnaissance, communications, CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive), security, heavy lift, defense and rescue missions.


  • Available with new and existing TALON IV robots
  • Detects radiation, voltatile gases and traces explosives
  • Identifies over 7,500 explosives, precursors and chemicals
  • Remote, mobile sensor station putting distance between the operator and danger
  • Easy installation with bolt-on kit
  • Quick release attachments for detection instruments

Modular Sensor Capabilities

  • Smith’s LCD 3.2e, 3.3 or Joint Chemical ATALON_HPgent Detector (JCAD) for chemical warefare agents (CWAs) and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs)
  • RAE MultiRAE, MultiRAE  Plus or MultiRAE Pro for volatile gases
  • Canberra AN/UDR-14 for gamma radiation
  • Thermo Scientific RadEye GN+ for gamma and neutron radiation
  • Raytek non-contact temperature probe for temperature sensing
  • Flir Fido® XT for trace explosives
  • Thermo Scientific FirstDefender™ RMX for identification of more than 7,500 explosives, precursors and chemicals



TALON Hazmat Datasheet